AIM services enable you to measure, understand, take action on and improve your customer experience ecosystem that drives your business growth for the long term.

Operational Performance Impact Analysis

There is potential value in leveraging operational performance measures in better understanding and taking action on improving the health of your customer experience ecosystem. Just like with business performance, the definition of operational performance can mean very different things across industries and companies. Two of the more common types of operational performance metrics come from mystery shopping and internal audits / reviews. Well-designed mystery shopping and audit programs should measure factors that have an impact on the customer experience. Incorporating relevant operational data into causal models adds to the richness and actionability of insights gained through customer experience analyses. AIM has experience in leveraging mystery shopping, audit, review and other operational performance metrics in creating the most complete and accurate representation of your customer experience ecosystem that highlights how to best improve the experience of your customers, their loyalty to your business and ultimately your business performance outcomes.