AIM services enable you to measure, understand, take action on and improve your customer experience ecosystem that drives your business growth for the long term.

Employee Engagement Assessments and Impact Analysis

Highly engaged employees form a foundation for creating operational excellence and a great customer experience. AIM offers stand-alone employee engagement assessment services that will help you understand what employees like and dislike about their experience as an employee so that corrective action(s) can be taken where needed. These insights can be understood by business location, job role, gender, tenure and other employee segments. Additionally, data from these types of studies can be used to create causal models discovering what drives employee engagement and other employee-related outcomes like unwanted attrition. Separate and unique causal models can be created for relevant employee segments. Data from these types of studies can often be linked to operational performance excellence and customer experience metrics that validates which part of the employee experience drive superior outcomes throughout your customer experience ecosystem..