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Customer Comments Text Analysis

There is an increasingly large number of ways customers can leave comments regarding their experiences with your company. Sources include comments obtained using customer surveys to comments obtained from customer support contact centers and social reviews. Many companies have difficulty understanding the full meaning of what customers are trying to tell them. AIM has the tools and expertise to analyze customer comments data to make sense of it all.

We go beyond word-clouds and keyword counts by using specialized software that identifies naturally occurring customer comment topics and themes that have common meaning across thousands of customer comments. Once this taxonomy of common customer comment topics is resolved, each individual comment is “tagged” with one or more of the topics embedded within the comment, including the overall sentiment of the comment. Once each comment is tagged by the software, these codes can be used to see how customers mentioning certain topics may have a better or worse overall customer experience and loyalty to your company. In this way, customer comments can be incorporated into causal models that create the desired actionable insights.