Welcome To The AIM Blog!

Blog: 01

Welcome to the AIM blog!  I have been thinking about starting this for a while and finally organized my thoughts enough to get going.

The timing of this first AIM blog is somewhat related to the current pandemic. COVID-19 has forced most businesses to respond aggressively to a completely different set of customer and operational needs than usual, like compliance with government orders, heightened employee and customer safety, understanding and responding to quickly evolving customer needs, making necessary operational changes and ensuring business life-sustaining cash flow. These urgent and important topics are critical to the survival of many businesses and will continue dominating their focus for an extended period.  While not minimizing the importance of these immediate and existential considerations, the process of better understanding your customers and employees will be critical moving forward, as always. Where will executives spend their time and organizational resources re-orienting their customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) initiatives to position them to thrive as the public health and economic recovery gains momentum? Providing executives with the best evidence-based insights regarding the implications of CX and EX investment decisions is the core or what AIM does, and that is more important than ever in this time of crisis.

My vision for this blog is to generate ideas, inspiration and conversations with a community of professionals dedicated to creating better customer and employee experiences (“human experiences”) focused on producing better business success. Although I have ideas on some core topics I plan to tee-up over the next few months (see below), I would love to hear from you on where your energy is, what is on your mind and what topics you would like me to explore with you. This blog is for you, and I want to make sure I am in touch with what you find most valuable and interesting.

Here are just a few topics I plan to address in this blog starting soon:

  • Evidence based decision-making on CX and EX investments
  • What CX and EX factors are even more important in the age of COVID-19?
  • What is a key driver model and why should you care?
  • Using the key driver model when making decisions
  • Getting started and building momentum with CX and EX analytics
  • When CX and EX relationships are not a straight line
  • Great employee experiences create great customer experiences
  • Customer segmentation
  • Journey mapping analytics
  • Why customer and employee emotions are important to your business success
  • Building and eroding customer and employee trust
  • How is CX related to Customer Success?
  • The value of qualitative customer and employee information

I look forward to engaging with you on this blog moving forward. You can also reach me via email at randy@analyticsandinsightsmatter.com, on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/randylaw/, or online at www.analyticsandinsightsmatter.com.

- Randy